CFM at Barcelounge o8/o9/2o13

In the Sunday evening and maybe after a walk in the park, you can join me at the Barcelounge in Gottschedstraße 12/Leipzig, like every 2nd Sunday per month. Beginning 8.oo pm – I look forward to seeing you!

CFM @ Raw Chicks r19

On Wednesday August 21st, you can expierience the video/sound-performance LH 412, which is based on flight noises and a live set of CFM`s music during an evening hosted by Raw Chicks at R19 in Berlin, at Revaler Strasse 19. Beginning 21h. I look forward to seeing you! – Thanx Isa for the picture with the cfm aircraft engine!

CFM @ MS DOCKVILLE & barcelona

While back in Leipzig, I´m on a short trip to Hamburg again, to play at the MS DOCKVILLE Vogelball on Saturday, August the 10th. On Sunday August 11th, you can listen to cd-djed music at Barcelona Leipzig starting 8 o´clock in the evening. I look forward to seeing you!

cfm @ golden pudel club Hamburg

Trough a lucky coincidence, I´ll play at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on Tuesday night July 16th, accompanied by Thomas Becker, the host of this evenings series – Memory of Grey. Beginning 23h. I look forward to seeing you!

Francis @ Barcelona 14/o7/2o13

While I´m still in Hamburg, my good friend and other half of our bygone projects E-Sonntag and dj duo SlowrapidFrancis will be at the Barcelounge this Sunday, instead of me. I highly recommend to go there! But if you happen to be in Hamburg – you could join me at the Pudel Club, listen to KREIDLER. Warm greetings!!

CFM at Barcelounge o9/o6/2o13

… and also on June 7th at GfZK Leipzig, during the exhibition opening and summer fair. On June 8th is the benefit auction for Poegehaus, where two of my works are involved – more information you can find here. I look forward to seeing you!