The trailer for International DOK Film Festival Leipzig, with script and animation from Thomas Szabo and music/sound from CFM was selected in the official trailer and short movie program at CutOut Fest – Querétaro/Mexico, Russian International Film Fest – Sevastopol/Russia, Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Toronto Urban Film Festival, 100 Seconds International Filmfestival – Teheran/Iran    PLAY >

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Hof Klang

Since 2007 CFM contributes music to Hof Klang, which gives space for experimental and actual music. After an interpretation for contrabass and electronics with Tobias Lampelzammer, CFM composed the impro based piece Vibrancy in 2012, for metal percussion and electronics with percussionist Gerd Schenker. Followed by Disturblency and Fluency and their latest piece for percussion, water and electronics Water Poem.
Photo by Steffen Junghans.

CFM for the Theatre stage

After onstage experiences CFM began working for the stage as sound artist with Heike Hennig for Time – Dancing since 1927 in 2006 – wich was the inspiration for Trevor Peters´ movie Dancing with Time and a book under the same name from Marion Appelt, including interviews with all involved and photographsAfterwards the productions Oper Unplugged, Leaps in Time, Rituals and Maria XXX followed and their latest collaboration and production from Theater der Jungen Welt is currently shown – Crystal. Continue reading

propellas and Caramba! Records

Propellas is/was a female network, what intends to support female artists in every possible way and cultural genre – on and back stage and has provided a stage for woman mainly in their event series Dreht Euch! until 2006 and radio broadcast Dauerwelle until 2012 to support representation and communication.
Besides Arne Linde, Heike Fritzsche and DJ Isa, CFM was one of the founding members, after Mrs. Pepstein´s and Rentek´s initial call in 2002. Further members were Resom, Tine, DJ Nine and DJ Dantai.
Todays propellas-spin-out Caramba! Records includes members Greta, Lucis, Rentek, Smilla and CFM.

Der elektronische sonntag

The Electronical Sunday was an event series, hosted by CFM & Francis Hunger, from year 2000 until 2005, in Leipzig´s club Ilses Erika. One time per month, after an interview about music-cultural relatet themes, such as: film scoring, drugs in clubs, record pressing… they presented Leipzig based homeproducers with their electronic music – mostly first time live-appearances. And with their contributions a cd-release on Tellerrand Musik. Continue reading


“… Den drei überragenden Stimmen gelingt es, einen Hörkosmos zu entwerfen, in dem die kunstvoll gebauten Musikminiaturen von Cornelia Friederike Müller wie kleine Sterne auffunkeln. Wenn es an dieser Hörspielproduktion des Mitteldeutschen Rundfunks etwas zu bemängeln gibt, dann ist es die Entscheidung, Sebalds Roman auf eine Kurzfassung zu reduzieren, die bereits nach 82 Minuten zu Ende ist.”
Von Michael Opitz für Deutschland Radio Kultur
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