Saxony Theater Award 2016____________For Crystal

After her onstage experiences CFM began working for the stage as sound artist with Heike Hennig for Time – Dancing since 1927 in 2006 – wich was the inspiration for Trevor Peters´ movie Dancing with Time and a book under the same name from Marion Appelt.


Heike Hennig und CFM´s latest cooperation Crystal  received the Prize of Sächsisches Theatertreffen 2016 and Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig and was awarded with the Theater Award of German Ministry for Culture and Media 2015 for a remarkable production in season 2014/15.


Inspired by the 18th century literary genre « conte philosophique », Conversations Out of Place proposes a reflection on the world we live in, by taking our relation to nature as point of departure.
Concept,text and choreography:  Ivana Müller
In collaboration with:  Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Anne Lenglet, Vincent Weber

Lighting design:  Martin Kaffarnik
Soundscape:  Cornelia Friederike Müller
Artistic collaboration:  Jonas Rutgeerts
Assistance set and costumes:  Alisa Hecke
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2017___Conversations out of Place / Ivana Mueller / Residenz
>            Schauspiel Leipzig und Ménagerie de verre / Paris
>            Festival Pharenheit / Fécamp / France
>            Tendance Europe / Maison de la Culture d’Amiens / France
>            Performing New Europe Festival / SZENE Salzburg / Austria
           Wulichters / Opening Tanzsolo: Anna Luise Recke /
>            Streichelwurst / Berlin
___Hasenblues/Stopp / Anna Vera Kelle / Theater Strahl Berlin
>            Zwei im Dunkeln / Anna Vera Kelle / TDJW Leipzig
2014___Crystal / Heike Hennig / Bayerkultur Leverkusen
>            und Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig
>            2015___TdJW Leipzig / Stadttheater Minden
>            2016___TdJW Leipzig
2010___Maria XXX / Heike Hennig / KLANGVOKAL Festival Dortmund
>            und Thalia Theatre Halle/Saale
>            2013___Oper Bonn
2009___Rituals / Heike Hennig / Oper Leipzig
>            Goethe Theatre Bad Lauchstädt / Germany
>            Theatre Royal Kopenhagen / Denmark
>            Teatro Sientifico Mantua / Italy
>            Old Theatre Vadstena / Sweden
2008___Sabotage / Michael Veit / Bühne Gera
           Oper Unplugged / Heike Hennig / Oper Leipzig
2007___POOLLOOP / Tanzsolo Friederike Plafki / Badekonzert / FZML
>            Schreberbad / Leipzig
           ZeitSprünge / Heike Hennig / Oper Leipzig
>            OFF LIMITS International theatre and dance festival / Dortmund
>            2008___International Dance Week Dresden
>            2008___Ringlockschuppen Mühlheim
2006___Zeit – Tanzen seit 1927 / Heike Hennig / Oper Leipzig
>            2007___”Tanz mit der Zeit” Film von Travor Peters
>            2008___”Tanz mit der Zeit” Buch von Marion Appelt

More information about the productions from Heike Hennig & Co with texts, pictures and videos including music, can be found on Heike Hennig & Co.