The Experience of Sound

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As CFM or Connie Walker, Cornelia Friederike Mueller´s sound work combines samples from fieldrecordings with playing the midi-keyboard using edited material from instruments – on one hand as a kind of minimalistic techno on the other best called as experimental soundscapes. She regularly collaborates with classical instrumentalists modern dance and new music related projects. As a composer for radio plays her and her collaborators’ work was honored with the German Radioplay Award, which they received for “The safety of a closed passenger cabin”.
The theater production “Crystal” for whom she composed and developed the score  received two Theater Awards.

As a fan of inspiring experiences and an experienced sound artist herself, she gives lectures and workshops.

In Oktober 2010 during Caramba! The Score in company with Chilling The Do / Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup she debuted as Live-Act and presented the first time “The Daily Noise” – a musically performance continually in progress, whose rhythms are mostly based on samples from fieldrecordings featuring the sounds of every day live.
In March 2017 she developed the atmospherical minimal techno set “Dancefloormusic” as live performance for the dance floor – and it was danced.

2017___Dancefloormusic I / live at :// about blank / Berlin
Dancefloormusic I / live at IFZ / Leipzig

2016___The Daily Noise IV / live at Trafo Jena

2015___The Daily Noise III / Right to Silence / OpenAir / Saale
The Daily Noise III / live at NTS Radio London

2013___The Daily Noise II / Raw Chicks / R19 Berlin
The Daily Noise II / Ruhr Triennale Opening / Bochum
The Daily Noise II / Anniversery 20 years KdFS / Festspielhaus Hellerau

2012___The Daily Noise NYC / New Prospect Foundation / New York
The Daily Noise II / “24 Stunden Cage” / Bauhaus Dessau

2011___The Daily Noise / Concert / KD-Kapitaldruck / Leipzig
The Daily Noise / Frequenzcamping OpenAir / Leipzig

2010___The Daily Noise Debut / Carmba! The Score / Leipzig

Be invited to listen to some musical pieces under Music/Listen and also on my Soundcloud.