The Experience of Sound

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As CFM or Connie Walker, Cornelia Friederike Mueller´s sound work combines samples from fieldrecordings with playing the midi-keyboard using edited material from instruments – on one hand as a kind of minimalistic techno on the other best called as experimental soundscapes. She regularly collaborates with classical instrumentalists modern dance and new music related projects. As a composer for radio plays her and her collaborators’ work was honored with the German Radioplay Award, which they received for “The safety of a closed passenger cabin”.
As a fan of inspiring experiences and an experienced sound artist herself, she gives lectures and workshops.

In Oktober 2010 during Caramba! The Score in company with Chilling The Do / Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup she debuted as Live-Act and presented the first time “The Daily Noise” – a musically performance continually in progress, whose rhythms are mostly based on samples from fieldrecordings featuring the sounds of every day live.

2015___The Daily Noise III / Right to Silence / OpenAir / Saale
The Daily Noise III / live at NTS Radio London
2013___The Daily Noise II / Raw Chicks / R19 Berlin
The Daily Noise II / Ruhr Triennale Opening / Bochum
The Daily Noise II / Anniversery 20 years KdFS / Festspielhaus Hellerau
2012___The Daily Noise NYC / New Prospect Foundation / New York
The Daily Noise II / “24 Stunden Cage” / Bauhaus Dessau
2011___The Daily Noise / Concert / KD-Kapitaldruck / Leipzig
The Daily Noise / Frequenzcamping OpenAir / Leipzig
2010___The Daily Noise Debut / Carmba! The Score / Leipzig

Be invited to listen to some musical pieces under My Music and also on my Soundcloud.