CFM at Barcelounge o8/o9/2o13

In the Sunday evening and maybe after a walk in the park, you can join me at the Barcelounge in Gottschedstraße 12/Leipzig, like every 2nd Sunday per month. Beginning 8.oo pm – I look forward to seeing you!

CFM @ Raw Chicks r19

On Wednesday August 21st, you can expierience the video/sound-performance LH 412, which is based on flight noises and a live set of CFM`s music during an evening hosted by Raw Chicks at R19 in Berlin, at Revaler Strasse 19. Beginning 21h. I look forward to seeing you! – Thanx Isa for the picture with the cfm aircraft engine!

CFM @ MS DOCKVILLE & barcelona

While back in Leipzig, I´m on a short trip to Hamburg again, to play at the MS DOCKVILLE Vogelball on Saturday, August the 10th. On Sunday August 11th, you can listen to cd-djed music at Barcelona Leipzig starting 8 o´clock in the evening. I look forward to seeing you!

cfm @ golden pudel club Hamburg

Trough a lucky coincidence, I´ll play at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on Tuesday night July 16th, accompanied by Thomas Becker, the host of this evenings series – Memory of Grey. Beginning 23h. I look forward to seeing you!

Francis @ Barcelona 14/o7/2o13

While I´m still in Hamburg, my good friend and other half of our bygone projects E-Sonntag and dj duo SlowrapidFrancis will be at the Barcelounge this Sunday, instead of me. I highly recommend to go there! But if you happen to be in Hamburg – you could join me at the Pudel Club, listen to KREIDLER. Warm greetings!!