Still Live / Frontier / Distant refer to the musical selection, wich the Grassi Museum for Angewandte Kunst assigns as acustic backing to the specific eras. The encountered backround music gets processed and deconstructed by CFM, so that an immedeate reference to the object shown in the room originates.
„Still Live“ responds with Baroque music, insects and rustling mice to the still life in the collections presentation. „Distant“ captures only a few single tones from the minnesong, wich fade away as echoes in the rooms and thematize the elusivness of an adored person like the original. For the Chinoserien „Frontier“ adapts an asian melody to a sometimes disharmonious cembalo-loop and reflects on the desire to own a piece of paradies.
Since 2015 „Still Live“ and „Frontier“ are part of the muesum collection and permanent exhibition for Angewandte Kunst.

Object is Meditation and Poetry / GRASSI Museum 2015

Still Live/ 

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