conversations out of place


Inspired by the 18th century literary genre « conte philosophique », Conversations Out of Place proposes a reflection on the world we live in, by taking our relation to nature as point of departure.

Concept,text and choreography:  Ivana Müller
In collaboration with:  Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Anne Lenglet, Vincent Weber

Lighting design:  Martin Kaffarnik
Soundscape:  Cornelia Friederike Müller
Artistic collaboration:  Jonas Rutgeerts
Assistance set and costumes:  Alisa Hecke

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CFM live @ :// about blank / Berlin 13/o8/2o17

Dancefloormusic from Connie Walker aka CFM at
ZEROISE – Gardening with

Andi Teichmann (noland)
Barbara Hofmann (://about blank)
Chica Paula (mint)
Connie Walker aka CFM (caramba!rec) – LIVE
Dasco (bauhaus, mint)
Iaac (://, stromperlen)
Mirella Kroes (motiv)
Pfirter (mindtrip, polegroup)
Sid Le Rock (dantze, areal) – LIVE
Silva Rymd (://about blank)
Soussana (pacotek)
Qiu (ifz)

Sunday August 13th / 8 pm – 10 am
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