CFM @ Barcelona o3/o6/2o16

On Friday June 3rd, lucis and CFM deejay as caramba!team at the 18th anniversary of the best tapasbar in LE > BarCelona. Other dj´s include barcelounge allstars Filburt, Philipp Mzin, Donis and OneTake.

CFM @ Radio Blau o5/o3/2o16

On Saturday March 5th, CFM is a guest in Porpois´ program “album for a desert island” on Leipzig´s  free radio station Radio Blau. Beginning 6 pm at 99.2 MHz or online.


HAPPY NEW YEAR for everybody – full of light and lightness!!

cfm & Gerd Schenker @ hof klang 1o/o9/2o15

On Thursday September 10th, Gerd Schenker and CFM perform their musical piece “Water Poem” for percussion, water and electronics, during Hof Klang at Michaelkirchstraße 15/Berlin Mitte. Beginning 8 pm. I look forward to seeing you!