conversations out of place


Inspired by the 18th century literary genre « conte philosophique », Conversations Out of Place proposes a reflection on the world we live in, by taking our relation to nature as point of departure.

Concept,text and choreography:  Ivana Müller
In collaboration with:  Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Anne Lenglet, Vincent Weber

Lighting design:  Martin Kaffarnik
Soundscape:  Cornelia Friederike Müller
Artistic collaboration:  Jonas Rutgeerts
Assistance set and costumes:  Alisa Hecke

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CFM live @ :// about blank / Berlin 13/o8/2o17

Dancefloormusic from Connie Walker aka CFM at
ZEROISE – Gardening with

Andi Teichmann (noland)
Barbara Hofmann (://about blank)
Chica Paula (mint)
Connie Walker aka CFM (caramba!rec) – LIVE
Dasco (bauhaus, mint)
Iaac (://, stromperlen)
Mirella Kroes (motiv)
Pfirter (mindtrip, polegroup)
Sid Le Rock (dantze, areal) – LIVE
Silva Rymd (://about blank)
Soussana (pacotek)
Qiu (ifz)

Sunday August 13th / 8 pm – 10 am
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Theater Award for Crystal

Crystal – Variations On Inebriation premiered in March 2014. The dance-theater play about searching and yearning, heavy shadows and rushing highs received the Prize of Sächsisches Theatertreffen 2016 and Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig was awarded with the Theater Award of German Ministry for Culture and Media 2015 for a remarkable production in season 2014/15.

Direction: Heike Hennig
Dramaturgy: Winnie Karnofka
Scenography: Mathias Rümmler
Music and Sound: Cornelia Friederike Müller


CFM @ Barcelona o3/o6/2o16

On Friday June 3rd, lucis and CFM deejay as caramba!team at the 18th anniversary of the best tapasbar in LE > BarCelona. Other dj´s include barcelounge allstars Filburt, Philipp Mzin, Donis and OneTake.